Integrated Brilliant Education


Mrs. Indra Banga has been intrinsically involved with Sanskriti and Integrated Brilliant Education (IBEL) for over the past decade and is honored to take on the role as Patron.


Mrs. Indra Banga is a member of the Board of Directors of The Caravel Group and a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of The Caravel Foundation. Founded in 2015, The Caravel Foundation is a private Hong Kong registered charity with a focus on education and healthcare for underprivileged children, primarily in Hong Kong, India and China. Through the Foundation, Mrs. Banga is deeply passionate about providing care, education and opportunities to disadvantaged young people, equipping them to become the productive and successful citizens of tomorrow. The Foundation has endowed the Indra & Harry Banga Gallery at The City University of Hong Kong, which has a vision to excel in research and professional education through artistic, innovative, technology-rich and cross-disciplinary exhibitions that engage with the community. The Caravel Foundation has created The Caravel Foundation Scholarship Funds at Dartmouth College, Duke University and Princeton University. Also, Mrs. Indra Banga has supported Project WeCan, Future Hope, International Yoga Day, and Cricket Hong Kong, amongst other organizations. Through the Caravel Group, Mrs. Indra Banga has engaged in many COVID relief efforts in Hong Kong and India.


Mrs. Indra Banga is currently the President of the Hong Kong Indian Women’s Club (HKIWC), a position which she has held for a total of eight years. Through the HKIWC she has engaged in public and social work for the benefit of the Indian community in Hong Kong, has helped underprivileged children from ethnic minorities and the elderly, and has collaborated with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, OneSky, Children’s Thalassemia Foundation, and the Community Chest, amongst others. In addition to the HKIWC, she is actively involved with several other notable organizations in Hong Kong and India.


Mrs. Indra Banga has been married to Mr. Harindarpal (“Harry”) Singh Banga for 43 years, and they share two sons and two grandsons.