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We opened our first center in Jordan in 2015.
Three years later, we were delighted to open our second center in Sham Shui Po.
In 2023, IBEL aims to open Hong Kong’s first full-time, equal opportunities IBELieve Kindergarten!


IBEL’s goal during the early childhood education is to equip children with skills in Chinese and other subjects in exactly the same manner as native students. Only then do they stand a chance of entering primary school on an equal footing.

IBEL employs native Chinese teachers to enhance language tones and introduce strokes. We emphasize learning through child’s play and create an interactive learning environment full of fun activities like singing, quizzes, and games. This encourages children to learn by doing rather than through rote memorization. Speaking, writing and reading are introduced and foundations laid for extended work in early childhood.


In 2022, IBEL aims to open Hong Kong’s first full-time, equal opportunities IBELieve Kindergarten!


At IBEL, each child receives personal attention from our teachers to cope with the educational demands of a Chinese as Medium of Instruction (CMI) school – a preferred choice for majority of underprivileged ethnic minority children. The medium of instruction being Chinese, it is imperative that the child is fluent or has high proficiency in Chinese language reading, speaking and writing.

Due to disadvantaged economic background , ethnic minority parents are typically unable to afford after school educational support. At IBEL, we provide high-quality Chinese language and other subject support at a highly subsidized fee. Once they have mastered Chinese then clarity in other subjects will naturally follow. As such, the primary years program helps students excel in other subjects beyond Chinese, influencing their performance, grades and encouraging them to move on to tackle higher studies. This also paves the way for getting accepted in the Chinese mainstream society.


Secondary school is a critical period, influencing a child’s future course of life. During these years, a holistic approach is required – support on the academic front along with guidance counseling to help students with various choices of educational streams.

IBEL provides support in all subjects Chinese, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Sciences, Management subjects, English and Arts. This is enhanced by opportunities for work experience allowing students to employ class learning in a practical environment.

6/F, Cheung Wah Commercial Building
3-5 Saigon Street, Jordan
(Jordan MTR Exit B1)
Tel: 2677 7778/6 Fax: 2677 7775
Email :

EDB Registration: 601543

地址: 九龍佐敦西貢街 3-5號昌華商業大廈 6樓
(佐敦 地鐵站 B1出口 )
電話: 2677 7778/6 傳真 : 2677 7775

Room 404 & 405
4/F Hang Seng Castle Peak Road Building
No.339 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
(Cheung Sha Wan MTR Exit C2)
Tel: 3108 9040 /1 Fax: 3108 9042
Email :

EDB Registration: 610178

地址: 九龍長沙灣青山道339號恆生青山道大廈4樓404 – 405室
電話: 3108 9040 /1 傳真 : 3108 9042