Integrated Brilliant Education


Elizabeth is the Chairwoman of The Amber Foundation Limited, her family’s charitable arm which has activities in Hong Kong, India and Canada providing scholarship and bursaries to young women. The Amber Foundation has run an Environmental program for 16 years rescuing airline kits and hotel toiletries which are repacked and distributed to the homeless, women in shelters, refugees through over 30 charity partners in Hong Kong.


The second program – EMPOWER by The Amber Foundation is a year-long program for ethnic minority young women in University in Hong Kong which aims to enhance their chances of career success and make them more visible to the business/ education community.


She is the Honourary Chairwoman of The Women Entrepreneurs Network which she co-founded in the 80’s. She is a member of the Asian Advisory Board for McGill and the founding director of The Women’s Foundation, Teach for Hong Kong and a past Governor of the American Chamber, as well as a past member of the Faculty advisory board for the McGill Faculty of Law.


She was awarded “ Women Entrepreneur of the Year “ by Amcham in 2008 and is well respected for her work with Women Entrepreneurs.