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We are happy to share that an extremely disruptive academic year has not deterred our resolve to provide critical educational support to our students. The commitment exhibited by our students and tutors is a matter of immense pride for us.  While the Government is extending a generous hand to many of the Hong Kong businesses, its recent HKD30 billion relief package does not provide for any support to smaller, non subvented NGOs with section 88, like ours. With the current Hong Kong tax year for donations ending on March 31st, we would like to encourage you, our supporters and donors, to avail of this window of opportunity and consider donating any amount, of your choice, to our charity.
If you wish to make a donation, click here

Tax exempt receipts will be issued for donations above $100.

In the mean time, we extend to you, as always, our gratitude for your continuous support and wish you an abundance of health and peace in these unprecedented times.

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