Integrated Brilliant Education


What a summer! From squash to sea life, from rugby to coding and from museum to Cantonese cinema, our students got a taste of it all! They came back with an enhanced appreciation of Hong Kong’s culture and language. It is heartening to observe the heightened confidence in their abilities, topped with an enhanced sense of physical and mental well-being.

Our Social Impact Program makes the IBEL experience holistic, providing several immersive and experiential learning opportunities. These facilitate the children developing into confident, integrated, educated and employable Hong Kong citizens.


IBEL continually strives to innovate and collaborate with different partners, who share our ideology of bringing the best possible experiences and learnings to our students. For that, we remain grateful to our partners and supporters.


Thank you to IBEL parents, who entrusted us with providing their children a healthy, happy, safe and supportive environment.




Our numbers tell the story!!
You are invited to view the incredible impact made by IBEL’s memorable summer of 2021!