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We hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

In these unusual times, we need your Help NOW, more than ever before.
First the social unrest and now the COVID-19 pandemic – these twin crisis have had a huge negative impact on IBET. Both our Centres have been operational through this tumultuous period and have continued to provide academic support. With schools being closed, access has been provided, at our centres, to computers, printers and internet connection so that our children can ‘e-learn’, a luxury which they would not be able to otherwise afford. 

With the economy in Hong Kong being adversely impacted, many of our childrens’ parents have been either laid off or are on reduced pay, thereby making it difficult for them to even afford  IBET’s highly subsidised fees. To enable them to continue their education, we need to step forward and offer more support. We are doing all we can to reduce costs, but cannot sustain this effort without additional funds – we need your help.

Please help us keep the lights on for these children, who need YOUR support now, more than ever.

We are raising funds through the crowdfunding site, SparkRaise.
Here’s a link to our campaign.

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Do share this post with anyone you feel might be interested in supporting IBET. Every contribution counts, no amount is too small and every dollar will go a long way in making a difference.

Best wishes and warm regards

Manoj Dhar
Co-Founder & CEO